WEEK 3: Observe, observe, observe.

The goal of the day’s activities was a lesson in observation. Observation is the greatest tool that humans have in determining their surroundings, creating new ways to think about their surroundings, and most importantly just seeing.

Brett and I thought it was important to spend more than one class period working with the students on all the different ways to observe and document things we see.  We spent the first half of the class making view-finders and telescopes. We used these tools to scope out things in the classroom.

It was fantastic seeing the students noticing things they had never noticed before in a place that they visit everyday, their classroom.

The second half of the day we looked at each other. We noticed how far away our eyes were from our ears, eyes from noses, noses from mouths, mouths from chins. “Our eyes are all different shapes.”

 Great lesson for every human being: observe, observe, observe. 

Part A

Activity 1: Observe and Draw your neighbor.

-Create View Finders + Telescopes

-Draw what you see.

Part B

Activity 2: Let’s Face It-The Eyes are in the Middle

-A Lesson in Proportions

-Tools to use to observe and record what you have observed.