WEEK 4: Let’s go look at some structure!

Finally! A FIELD TRIP! Yay! We were lucky enough to be within a 5 minute walk to the most beautiful active barn. The purpose of the field trip was to actually SEE how buildings stand up. We found lots of triangles, squares, and even some cows. Although the calf in the middle of the barn was the most exciting, the students observed how the barn stands up.

After drying ourselves off from the downpour we walked through to get back to the classroom, we then talked about how to measure as a form of observation. We paced the classroom, measured our paces, measured our limbs as measuring tools. Brett and I brought in a bag full of measuring and drawing tools to show and pass around the class. These concepts began our learning of the sense of scale which we will use for our final project.

 Part A

Activity 1: Barn Field Trip

Part B

Activity 2: Measuring Tools

-How to estimate the size of buildings, rooms, and spaces: pacing, body parts as measuring tools, and floor plans.