I have been officially added to the Architecture 101 website as Dora Taylor’s assistant!

Dora Taylor holds architecture workshops for kids in a wonderful space on East Pike in Capitol Hill, Seattle. I had the opportunity to meet with Dora and her workshop attendees (6 third-eighth graders) on Friday at the East Pike Factory. It was wonderful to see the diversity of projects that the kids were designing and building. The themes for the week were Bridge Building and Egyptian Architecture. The summer camp program is a full or half day camp with an architectural field trip in the afternoon. Field trips that Dora had mentioned were Volunteer Park, SAF’s Model Exhibition, and other wonderful architectural experiences in and near the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

I look forward to the weeks to come were I will get to join in on the workshops and hopefully add a little something to architectural investigations.

*Image from archforkids.blogspot.com sketched by Seattle Sketcher.