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THEME: Airport Terminals


Field Trips: Cal Anderson Park, St. Ignatius Chapel (designed by Steven Holl), Downtown Seattle

This week is all about Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. We have 10 students this week, all boys! Some are interested because of the theme of airports, some because they are interested in design and building, and others just thought it sounded cool. With 10 different minds with the same project, it was amazing to see the diversity of projects, inspirations, and innovation. We had planes flying through airports, control towers sky high, humble structures with lots of glass, and even a floating runway.

The campers learned about drawing to scale, relationships of humans to buildings, the different components of an airport, and simply how to get an idea out of the head and on to paper/or built in model form.

Here’s some images from the week!

Pinup with Dora

Airport (designed by Roan)


Airport and Control Tower (designed by Roan)

Airport (designed by Roman)

The Vancouver Airport (designed by Daniel)

Floating Airport (designed by Neils)






FIELD TRIPS: Cal Anderson Park, Volunteer Park, Woodland Park Zoo

First week of assisting at the Architecture 101 summer camp, and I am fill with excitement, energy, and accomplishment.

The week’s theme was the design of a zoo, an eco-resort, or a combination of the two. With three students, the camp was really able to test out all sorts of design ideas and explore architectural techniques to realize those ideas.

Here are some images from the week!

Zoo Entrance (design by Riley)

Zoo Gift Shop (designed by Riley)

Zoo in Plan (designed by Riley)

One of the many exhibits seen on our field trip to the Woodland Park Zoo

The Conservatory at Volunteer Park: Beware of the Carnivorous plants!

Eco-Resort Site Model (designed by Sam)

*Photography credit: Hannah Feil