A Review: Creativity captured in a Children’s Book

Book Cover: The Three Little Pigs - An Architectural Tale

Have you ever wondered: if the three little pigs had professions, what they would be?

Well, if they had professions, according to this phenomenal tale retold by Steven Guarnaccia, they would probably be architects.

Without revealing too much of the amazing imagination in this book, and exploiting every architectural one-liner known to humankind, I would like to mention:

Have you ever pictured Frank Gehry, Philip Johnson, and Frank Lloyd Wright as positively plump pink piggies?

If you hadn’t before, after exploring this revamped tale, it will be hard not to always think of curly-cue tails attached to the rumps of these 3 Starchitects.

The cleverness of the story is the synthesis of the whimsical classic tale and the reality of the strengths of different building materials.

Frank Gehry #1- known for a mixed-use of materials forming sculptural buildings.
Phillip Johnson #2- known for his Modernist glass house.
And Frank Lloyd Wright #3- known for massive, heavy materials casting buildings into the landscape.

Little Pig #1- straw
Little Pig #2- sticks
Little Pig #3- bricks

Draw any conclusions now?

I have started establishing my children’s book collection and I would love any recommendations of any design focused children’s books!